Corporate Responsibility

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Environmental Stewardship

At F&N, we believe that our commitment to integrity in everything we do will be manifested through a sound environmental push. From our early beginnings, we have implemented and executed various environmental stewardship initiatives that go beyond compliance requirements in order to minimize our environmental footprint throughout each phase of our products’ life cycle. 


Waste Reduction 

As part of our aim to reduce waste, we have launched numerous recycling campaigns in schools to inculcate good environmental habits among young people and thus, create awareness on the importance of recycling.

Since 2007, F&N Beverages and the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA)had embarked on a 3-month recycling campaigns annually to inculcate and revive the spirit of recycling in school children.

Other ongoing environmental projects undertaken included its employee recycling program, a backwash water recovery system and the operation of a sophisticated effluent treatment plant which treated all wastewater from the factory before discharge into the common public drains.

To reduce waste generated from manufacturing activities, we also encouraged our raw materials and packaging suppliers to switch to reusable or recycled packaging materials such as cartons, pallets and boxes. In addition, the manufacturing process is also given greater attention to make it more efficient in order to improve its conversion rate.

Energy Management

Cleaner operations at our soft drinks and dairies plants were achieved after completion of a program to incorporate environmental-friendly natural gas energy sources into all our manufacturing operations.

Our dairies manufacturing operations in collaboration with Gas Malaysia, utilised LNG over traditional fuel resulting in energy savings of RM2.6 million every year since 2004.

The setting up of our in-house PET bottle-blowing plant at the soft drinks manufacturing facility in Shah Alam has helped lessen logistics, storage and handling cost and boosted overall manufacturing efficiency and quality control. In the process, we also managed to do our bit for the environment as the move helped do away with more than 4,800 lorry trips per year that were previously made by our PET supplier in Johor.

For the past few years, F&N has attained significant energy efficiency through the use of efficient air-conditioning system, energy saving light, automated machine controls and energy-efficient building components.

Water Conservation

In 2005, F&N commissioned a RM2.8 million pilot plant to upgrade waste water treatment and conservation at the soft drinks division in Kuching. The plant is Sarawak’s first environmentally friendly plant and also the first waste water treatment facility of its kind to be introduced within the entire Coca-Cola eco-system in Southeast Asia. This backwash water recovery system which recycles water used in the incoming water filtration process has provided savings of about RM300,000 per year for the Group.