Corporate Responsibility

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Responsible Marketing

When consumed responsibly, our products add flavor and enjoyment to our consumer’s lives. As a leading household name, our consumers well being is our top most priority. As such, the Group promotes responsible consumption and we are committed to delivering on our brand promise.

At F&N, we ensure that our products reach our consumers in full compliance with the statutory Food Regulations of the markets we operate in. We have obtained the necessary certification and licenses and we undergo regular audits to remain in compliance.

An informed consumer is a happy consumer. In today’s marketplace, consumers are more and more conscientious about the products they buy especially when it comes to food & beverage. Our product packaging lists among others, calorie, sugar, protein and vitamin contents. The ingredients of each product are also clearly stated to provide consumers with all the information they need to make the right choice. This is to ensure that consumers are aware of the contents in their chosen product and will be able to consume it safely.

We also offer instructions on usage. This includes recipe formulation, food applications and suggestions on how our products can complement our consumers’ lifestyle.

As part of its efforts to help in nation-building, in 2008, F&N Dairies worked with the Ministry of Information in January to promote awareness of the Rukun Negara which was carried on the labels of about 11 million cans of F&N Vitaminised, F&N Sweetened Creamer and Gold Coin Creamer. It was aimed at reaching as many Malaysians as possible to pledge their support for the Rukun Negara, be it in business practices and work ethics, or their daily lives.