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Magnolia Milk Aid to Elevate Health and Nutrition of the Underprivileged Children

posted 12 Oct 2016, 19:04 by iConnect@ F&N   [ updated 12 Oct 2016, 19:05 ]

15 July 2016 - In an effort to make milk accessible especially to underprivileged children in charitable institutions, F&N Beverages Marketing has extended its Magnolia milk aid to 10 Children’s Homes and a Orang Asli Shelter in conjunction with the current World Milk Day commemoration.

The Magnolia milk aid is aimed at nourishing underprivileged communities, particularly children who do not meet the nutritional requirements that they need for healthy mental development and growth.

Senior Marketing Manager of F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd, Mrs Van Toh Peng said the initiative is an important opportunity to provide the children a right to basic nourishment which is wholesome and nutritious like milk.

"We believe that proper nutrition is essential to children's health so that the children will be better equipped, mentally and physically to face future challenges and improve their chances future success.

"By providing Magnolia milk, we are not only supplying important nutritional assistance, but we are also making sure the children are getting the nutritional help they need to support their active bodies and minds. This is an important investment in our children and the future health and well-being of Malaysia.

"F&N has a long-standing commitment to give back to the communities we serve. We wish to share and nourish these children and we are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of their lives during this World Milk Day celebration. We hope our Magnolia milk will help in some small, healthy way towards making their days more enjoyable," added Mrs Van.

The Agathians Shelter, home to some 40 children ranging from four years old toddlers to 21 years old was among charitable institutions of the underprivileged to receive the Magnolia milk aid to safeguard and boost their mental and physical development.

Nestled next to the busy Federal Highway, Agathians Shelter has grown from one humble building into a children’s home where happiness spills from the crevices of the building, and security and love bounce off its brightly coloured walls.

Established to house the orphaned, abandoned and those from broken homes, Agathians Shelter established in 2003 is run under the watchful guidance of Ms Inthira who is continuing the legacy of her brother and founder Mr Sivabalan.

According to Inthira, the demands of adolescence does not recognise emotional and financial well being especially of growing children and continuous good nutrition in the growing years was essential in mental and physical development.

“We try to meet our children’s nutritional requirements and we can see the world of difference in their physical, mental and health development. Generous contributions of nutritious products such as milk is godsend as we have lots of love to share and can manage to meet the emotional requirements of our children but there is always a challenge with our scare financial resources to provide healthy and nutritious food.

“We welcome and thank F&N for their generous contribution of milk, which by itself is a complete food to meet the calorific and nutritional need,” said Inthira, after receiving the milk from Mrs Van at the Shelter.

Eatery helper, Mr. Raja, 42, has much to be grateful for with the provision of milk for the children. “I am happy that the children will have high quality milk to drink which will help them maintain a healthy diet. It is my fervent wish to watch the kids grow up healthy and strong.” Seventeen-year-old Manoj a/l Sivarajah was not short on confidence when he spoke on his aspiration to be a professional soccer player so that he could coach his peers at Agathians Shelter to play football. “I like to drink milk and chocolate is my favourite flavour. I feel stronger every time I drink milk.”