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F&N Magnolia 'Be Who You Want To Be’ campaign

posted 3 May 2017, 18:21 by iConnect@ F&N   [ updated 3 May 2017, 18:22 ]

“Be like Brainy! It’s easy to be who you want to be with F&N MAGNOLIA!” F&N Magnolia launched its ‘Be Who You Want To Be’ campaign in conjunction to the new ‘Smurfs: The Lost Village’ movie opening on 6th April 2017. This all-new take on the Smurfs, sets an exciting and thrilling discovery journey of the popular Smurfs character, Brainy and his best friends Hefty and Smurfette in a Forbidden Forest. Whether you like a smart character like Brainy, energetic like Smurfette, or a strong one like Hefty, this is definitely a movie you would not want to miss and children will be absolutely thrilled to set these adorable Smurfs character as their role model with F&N Magnolia milk!

F&N Magnolia contains High Calcium and Protein to help meet your family’s daily nourishment needs especially that of your children’s. Help your child grow up to be who they want to be. Milk is the best, and most convenient source of calcium you can find! It is one of the most essential nutrient that children simply can’t afford to skip. Let’s inspire your child to be Smart like Brainy, Energetic like Smurfette and Strong like Hefty!

One of the key highlights of the two-month campaign starting from mid-March is the introduction of the new Smurfs packaging on Magnolia UHT 6x200ml range (available in both Full Cream and Chocolate variants) and Magnolia Pasteurized 1L packs for both Fresh Milk and Low Fat Hi-Cal Milk to build stronger association with the Smurfs characters. The campaign also introduced a new TVC with adaptation from the Smurfs movie trailer, print ad at major newspapers and 200 FREE movie tickets given out through a consumer contest on the newly set up Facebook fan page : F&N Magnolia Malaysia.

To bring the Smurfalicious effects on the ground, Magnolia dressed up selected hypermarkets with attractive Smurfs displays, rolled out 35 mini roadshows with sampling on weekends across the nation and most importantly, consumers can take home exclusive Magnolia’s Smurfs collectible with purchase of Magnolia products at participating outlets. In addition, Magnolia also participated in the Ikano Power Centre’s School Holiday Event : Smurfs The Lost Village roadshow from 17th to 26th March 2017.

Help your child grow up to be who they want to be with F&N Magnolia! To check out more exciting news, visit F&N Magnolia Malaysia’s Facebook fan page.