Our Brands

Our Brands


F&N brands continues to be the preferred choice amongst consumers, thanks to its endless commitment to fulfill its brand promise of delivering ‘Pure Enjoyment, Pure Goodness’ to its customers. Our brands continually emphasises the synergy between health and enjoyment, and F&N aspires to provide healthy enjoyment in exciting ways. The company is build on the foundation of a wholesome nature, forward-looking stance, vitality and trust in all F&N brand.



100PLUS is the No. 1 isotonic drink in Malaysia. It helps to rehydrate, refresh and re-energise to keep you moving especially for those who are active in sports and live an active lifestyle. 100PLUS has been clinically proven to provide 43% more endurance than water alone by containing the optimum balance of thirst-bursting and energy replacing ingredients which helps you to achieve peak performance in your daily routine, both at work and leisure.

http://100plus.com.my/  https://twitter.com/my100plus  https://www.facebook.com/my100plus 
 https://www.youtube.com/user/100PLUSIsotonic/videos https://www.instagram.com/my100plus/?hl=en

F&N Fun Flavours is all about fun. Spread cheer and share the fun while you build great friendship through fun experiences . F&N is a great companion and a must have to share on. Taste it. Live it. Share it.


https://www.facebook.com/my100plus  https://www.youtube.com/user/FnNFunMalaysia/videos https://www.instagram.com/mysarsi/?hl=en

F&N Fruit Tree juice drink is packed with wholesome natural goodness of fruits. The deliciously refreshing F&N Fruit Tree bottle juice drink is made from real fruit juice with juicy fresh orange pulp and is packed with vitamins A, C and E. These vitamins and anti-oxidant properties are truly beneficial for one’s health and body, keeping you nourished with natural vitamins and minerals. F&N Fruit Tree Bottle juice drink offers orange, blackcurrant, apple, lychee and mango flavours. 


Refresh your day the natural way with F&N SEASONS Tea! It is packed with fruity zest and it is brewed from natural tea extracts. Tea is rich in antioxidant. F&N SEASONS’ tea doesn’t contain any artificial colouring or added preservatives.


https://www.facebook.com/FnNSeasonsMalaysia https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzZpwfOsUUor3Mt9P38XmnQ/videos

F&N SEASONS NutriSoy is made using whole soy beans in a proprietary manufacturing technique that reproduces the same freshness and authentic taste of homemade soya bean drink. Whether you are caring for your family or looking for hearty enjoyment, F&N SEASONS NutriSoy is a great choice every day. 


https://www.facebook.com/NutriSoy.MY/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRyQjqkBoPM

F&N SEASONS NutriWell carries a range of Asian Soft Drinks which are non-carbonated with no added preservatives. Drinking herbal drinks would be a good choice to complement our foods during mealtimes. Conveniently found in various retail or food outlets around Malaysia F&N SEASONS NutriWell enables “Healthy Living Made Easy” with its best quality and healthy drinks.  


https://www.facebook.com/FnNSeasonsMalaysia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TSqYO9uGz0

Straight from the nut as nature intended. Made from 100% coconut water and never from concentrate, each pack is boost with natural electrolytes and minerals to hydrate and refresh you on the go. Not only is it low in calorie but it is composed of many naturally occurring bioactive enzymes that helps in digestion and metabolism. With Coco Life, you can now enjoy nature’s best kept secret in a convenient pack.



For anyone who believes in keeping their body healthy and in balance, F&N Ice Mountain Natural Mineral Water is a natural sourced mineral water that refreshes & hydrates you with the quality & purity of natural mineral water as nature intended. You can rely and trust F&N Ice Mountain to provide you the nature’s way of restoring balance & refreshment for your essential daily hydration.



OISHI, is Japanese for ‘Delicious’ is the green tea brand, now making its way to become the Malaysian favourite ready-to-drink green tea. An exciting and refreshing green tea beverage, OISHI combines the health benefits of green tea with enticing flavours, tailored to today’s demand.  


http://www.oishi.com.my/ https://www.facebook.com/my100plus https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKwg6E98XOvijIQ-MffRcVw/videos  https://www.instagram.com/oishimalaysia/



Ranger is the ideal combination of ingredients to boost and unleash the power in you to do more. Ranger can help you to boost physical energy, improve mental alertness and increase metabolism.  


https://www.facebook.com/my100plus https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnbvBtLEcC4tyyEKiqKV71w




For generations, F&N Sweetened Condensed and Evaporated Milk have been the trusted companion that play an important role in the kitchen of all Malaysian household and F&B creators. We take pride to package goodness and quality in every can of F&N products in order to continuously and consistently offer superior taste enhancement to all food & beverage creations so that you can enjoy precious Treasured Taste Moments with your family & friends.



Gold Coin’s range of Sweetened Condensed and Evaporated Milk is committed to championing great value at acceptable standards.



The familiar and well-loved household brand, Magnolia, is a refreshing treat anytime, anywhere. With a variety of flavours ranging from funky flavours for children, to luxurious treats for adults, Magnolia brings satisfaction to everyone!

http://www.fn.com.my/our-business/dairy-products/f-n-magnolia-barista-milk https://www.facebook.com/FN-Magnolia-Malaysia-165194527259667/

Sunkist, the expert in orange-based juices, captures the goodness of Sunkist Oranges in one pack. Only the best Sunkist oranges go into making Sunkist Juice so you're guaranteed a fresh drink bursting with healthy, wholesome qualities.



Farmhouse - 100% Imported Australian Fresh Milk. A premium milk in the fresh milk category, Farmhouse contains 100% Australian fresh milk and is renowned for its high quality and pure natural taste of milk. For a taste of Australian freshness, reach out for Farmhouse Fresh Milk, Farmhouse Low Fat Hi Calcium, Farmhouse Chocolate and Farmhouse Omega today. 



With F&N's pasteurised juice range, you can enjoy the great taste and nutritional value of fresh fruit anytime, anywhere. High in fibre and vitamins, a drink of any juice from our range is a convenient way of enjoying the healthy benefits of fruit.



 A superior beverage creamer with strong heritage for extended culinary and desserts preparation. Premium quality and the perfect choice for preparing special dishes for your loved ones on any occasion. The taste and texture of Ideal Complements all your main dishes. It brings out the best in your    cooking by adding a rich creamy taste and texture to your dishes.



Leveraging on TEAPOT’s strong heritage, its trusted quality is a promise of great and authentic taste in your everyday meal, making it the smarter choice for you and your family. Let each day be special!



Cap Junjung is a trusted quality throughout generations, Cap Junjung has become a part of every family. It is the best creamer to make your cup of coffee and tea deliciously creamy. You can also use it to whip up simply delightful desserts for your family.



Carnation is a trusted quality and value for money brand. It is the best choice of beverage creamer to add creaminess and a distinct aroma to your beverages. The perfect choice as "Ice Kacang" topping or simply add on to desserts or culinary application.






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