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Barista Milk by F&N Magnolia is a superior frothing milk that's been specially formulated for baristas.

Brew the perfect cup of coffee with Barista Milk.
  • Flavourful, Rich & Creamy
  • Consistent & Easy to Foam
  • Ideal for Latte Art
 Nutritional Highlights
  •  High Calcium
  •  Source of Protein
 Nutrition Information
 Serving per Package : 4
 Serving Size : 250ml
   Per / 100ml  Per Serving
 Energy  66 kcal  165 kcal
 Protein  3.2g  8.0g
 Fat  3.8g  9.5g
 Carbohydrate  4.8g  12.0g
 Calcium  120mg  300mg

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