Authentic and healthy – that’s OYOSHI Green Tea. All our beverages are masterfully brewed using our signature recipes to bring out an authentic Japanese flavour. We are also uncompromising when it comes to tea quality. We only select the three youngest tea leaves from each branch for better taste and nutrients. We want OYOSHI consumers to enjoy the full benefits of green tea with a taste that is beyond delicious.


OYOSHI Green Tea comes in four flavours: Original, Honey Lemon, Lychee, and Black Tea Lemon. Although each beverage has its unique taste, they all share a similar experience – a taste beyond delicious. OYOSHI Green Tea Original has a delicate yet aromatic flavour, and OYOSHI Green Tea Lychee tops that with a touch of fruitiness. On the other hand, OYOSHI Green Tea Honey Lemon’s sweet and sour flavours offer a refreshing taste, and OYOSHI Black Tea Lemon takes it up a notch for a rejuvenating experience.

Grown on certified organic plantations, we select only the best and youngest green tea leaves before masterfully brewing them according to our signature recipes. Using only natural ingredients, OYOSHI preserves authentic Japanese feel and flavour while maintaining the benefits of green tea.