The success of F&N is driven by our dedicated workforce. As such, we strive to create a stimulating work environment, where talent is nurtured and rewarded, and employees are engaged, challenged and empowered to perform to their highest potential.

Our people determine how well we perform so we constantly look to hire and retain talent who are ready to forge ahead together with the Group. We believe in empowering our employees through a supportive corporate culture and comprehensive talent management approach, which is driven by the Group’s Global Values and Seven Modules for Strategic Human Capital Transformation.

We are committed to creating sustainable value for our consumers, shareholders, employees, and the local communities in which we operate. We seek to maintain our leadership position in the dairy and beverages market and continue to reward our valued shareholders with strong long-term returns.

We are empowering our employees by encouraging a culture of collaboration and innovation. We are also dedicated to enhancing social well-being through our long-standing community outreach programmes and by developing products and initiatives that promote good health and nutrition.

Clear structure & role
Market-oriented compensation & benefits
Recognition-based performance management
Holistic high performer retention & development
Proactive succession & workforce planning
Strategic talent acquisition & onboarding
Engaging corporate culture


One of Malaysia’s diversified blue-chip companies with expertise and prominent standing in the food and beverage business,

and is amongst the region’s oldest and most established companies with its brands enjoying the distinction of being a market leader

and household name in many categories. 


Efforts in nurturing our employees have not gone unnoticed, as F&N was awarded with the Human Resource Excellence Bronze Award in 2018

by Human Resources Magazine, named as one of Malaysia’s Best Employer Brands 2018 by the Employer Branding Institute as well as

Malaysia’s Top 5 Best Employer Brands in Graduates’ Choice Award 2018 as voted by 15,000 undergraduates nationwide.


We are always on a look-out for talented and committed individuals to join our family