Durian Ice Cream

This rich, luscious and velvety ice cream is infused with the King of Fruits.

Serving Size5 pax
Preparation Time10 min


1 cup

Durian flesh

3 nos

Egg yolk

1/2 can

F&N Evaporated Creamer

1/2 can

F&N Vitaminised Sweetened Creamer

1 cup

Whipping Cream


Step 1

Beat egg yolk in a bowl until pale. Add in F&N Vitaminised Sweetened Creamer and mix well.

Step 2

Blend durian flesh in a blender with F&N Evaporated Creamer.

Step 3

Combine the mixture in the bowl and double boil until thickens. Remove the bowl from the boiling water and allow it to cool completely.

Step 4

Beat whipping cream until stiff.

Step 5

Fold the whipping cream in the durian mixture, and pour the durian mixture into a container.

Step 6

Freeze overnight before serving.