Better Business
We believe that responsible business is better business. We therefore seek to operate in a manner that is sensitive to the interests and expectations of our stakeholders.

Profitability is important, as it allows us to sustain our operations and provide attractive shareholder returns as well as job stability to our employees. To achieve sustainable profits, we realise we need to be innovative in our product development as well as the way we work.

Underlying our responsible operations is a strong foundation of corporate governance which ensures that everything we do is ethical and complies with all relevant policies as well as regulations. This includes working with partners who are also ethical. We are therefore putting in place pillars that will help to create a sustainable ecosystem that is better for everyone.

Our 2025 Commitments
Supply Chain Stewardship
  • 100% of active key suppliers accept and comply with F&N’s Code of Business Practice by 2025
  • 100% of critical suppliers assessed to ensure compliance with Code of Business Practice
  • 10% product innovation for commercialised F&N products by 2025
Product Quality and Safety
  • 100% of plants and production processes certified with Food Safety System Certification scheme 22000 and Halal Standard (or equivalent) by 2025