Product Stewardship

Our product-stewardship approach is customer-focused. We live by our brand promise of “Pure Enjoyment, Pure Goodness” by producing, marketing and selling our brands responsibly and enabling consumers to make informed purchasing choices. F&N is committed to deliver quality products, and is continuously finding ways to innovate and meet the changing needs and wants of our customers.

Product Quality and Safety is an utmost priority and a core principle embedded in F&N’s culture. We consistently maintain the highest standards so that customers have full confidence when purchasing and consuming our products.

In our own operations, we adhere to all health and safety regulations applicable to the F&B industry for the markets in which we operate. All F&N products are manufactured under stringent international quality and food safety standards. Our plants are certified with international standards – FSSC Scheme 22000, ISO 22000 and HACCP Food Safety management systems, and all stages of our production processes are subjected to rigorous quality control procedures.

Our 2025 Commitment
Product Quality & Safety
  • 100% of our plants and production processes certified with the Food Safety System Certification scheme 22000 and Halal Standard (or equivalent)


Packaging and labelling are the primary means by which F&N communicates information about our product quality, nutrition, safety, and disposal methods to consumers. It is therefore essential that our labelling is comprehensive, accurate and clear for our consumers to make fully informed purchasing decisions.

We adhere to the Food Act in Malaysia and all requirements of the Food and Drug Administration in Thailand. All information disclosed on our labels are reviewed regularly by a range of internal experts, and dietician to ensure rigorous quality standards. Labels are then submitted to government authorities for verification and endorsement.

At F&N, we go beyond mandatory labelling requirements because we believe that information provided to our customers should be comprehensive to provide clarity and transparency. For all products, we include information on ingredients, sourcing, energy per serving size, recommended daily allowances of the different nutritional components, expiry dates and nutrition tips.

Fundamental information (such as calories and contribution to recommended daily caloric intake) is included in “front of pack labelling”, for most of our ready-to-drink products.

Besides declaring nutritional component on pack, we have provided our product nutritional information in Malaysian Food Composition Database for the information more easily accessible for consumer.


As a responsible company, we are committed to conducting marketing and advertising activities ethically and responsibly, by providing accurate and balanced information about our brands and products.

We ensure that our marketing and advertising activities comply with relevant laws and regulations, and do not violate any ethical standards. We adhere to the Malaysian Code of Advertising Practice in Malaysia and the Consumer Protection Act of B.E. 2522 (1979) in Thailand, which sets out the principles in protecting consumer rights.

In addition, we also go beyond laws and regulations by ensuring our communication about our brands and products to our customers/consumers is ethical. This includes abstaining from disinforming customers/consumers on competitors’ activities and making exaggerated claims about the social and environmental impacts of our activities.

In Malaysia, we are a signatory to the ‘Responsible Advertising to Children’ initiative and have pledged to restrict marketing to children under 12 years of age.

All employees and new joiners responsible for marketing communication activities undergo orientation training on marketing ethics. An annual refresher training is also conducted.