Better Planet
We recognise the fragility of the planet and seek to leave a minimal footprint on the environment.

We are guided by our Environmental, Safety and Health Policy, which ensures all 4 major plants in the group are ISO 14001:2015 (environmental management system) certified. We undertake Environmental Impact Assessments prior to any project; we work with local communities to protect and preserve the environment; and we strive for zero waste as well as zero pollution through continuous improvement of our environmental management system.

Our 2025 Commitments
Water Stewardship
  • Reduce the Group’s water intensity ratio at our plants by 8% from 2020 by 2025
Waste Management
  • Reduce solid waste sent to landfill by 30% from 2020 by 2025
Energy & Climate Change
  • Reduce the Group’s energy intensity ratio at our plants by 8% from 2020 by 2025
  • Reduce the Group’s GHG emissions intensity ratio at our plants by 8% from 2020 by 2025
  • Increase the average recycled content in our packaging to 25% by 2025
  • 100% of our packaging is recyclable by 2025
Our Environmental, Safety and Health Policy

We implement environmentally sustainable business practices in alignment with F&NHB’s core values and circular economy principles. All employees are at all times guided by our Environmental, Safety & Health Policy. This Policy serves as a framework for all of F&NHB’s decisions concerning the environment across our value chain, from production operations, business facilities, products, distribution and logistics, management of waste,

As part of our regular review to keep our policies up-to-date, we have updated the policy in June 2020 to have a more holistic focus on sustainability and include our commitments and principles on Water and Packaging.

Our employees, suppliers, service providers, contractors, key business partners, and relevant stakeholder groups are made aware of the Policy via email, intranet, notice boards as well as internal briefings to employees.

Our Board – particularly Sustainability & Risk Management Committee reviews the implementation of the Company’s and the Group’s sustainability strategy, including environment, climate change, and health and safety, with respect to engaging stakeholders, materiality assessment, establishing of policies and practices, setting and assessing of targets and measuring of performance against targets.


In the past 5 fiscal years (2018 – 2022), F&NHB did not receive any significant fine or sanction related to the environment or ecology.