Our GMO Statement

We strive to meet our consumers and customers’ requirements whilst at the same time maintaining our quality standards.

Under normal circumstances, F&NHB does not use any Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in our agricultural raw materials or our production process. However, we are committed to disclosing and labelling them clearly on our product if it becomes applicable in the future.

Our suppliers are required to declare the GMO status of their materials supplied to F&NHB. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure compliance and traceability so that our consumers can make well-inform decisions when purchasing our products.

In responding to consumers’ evolving preferences and regulatory environment, we are committed to continuous improvements through technical developments and innovation & creations. With this, we support and encourage responsible and scientifically sound solutions. As the public view of the use of GMOs in food & beverage products is still evolving, we will continue to monitor and review our commitment should there be any further development.