Water Stewardship

Water is an important resource for us, as it is used extensively in our products as well as in operational processes. While none of our sites are in high water-stress areas, many regions in both Thailand and Malaysia have faced water shortages, and the effects of climate change are expected to intensify water stress in the future. We therefore recognise the importance of effective water management.

To reduce our water consumption, we have undertaken the following initiatives:

  • Rojana – since January 2020, we have used liquid sugar in the production of sweetened beverage creamer products saving about 132m3 of water a day. We also installed a clarified pond system to treat 120m3 of water a day for reuse.
  • Pulau Indah – About 800 m3 of wastewater is reused in the cooling tower a day.
  • Shah Alam – Wastewater from the Aseptic Cold-filling PET Line, Sugar Dissolving Line and Canning Line is treated via reverse osmosis and reused as cooling water, reducing water usage by 115,000 m3 per year.

In addition, we are educating our dairy farmers about water conservation and the potential of re-using water for cleaning and feed. We are also partnering our sugar manufacturers and chemical suppliers to find effective water optimisation solutions.

Our 2025 Commitment
Water Stewardship
  • Reduce the Group’s water intensity ratio at our plants by 8% from 2020 by 2025
Water Consumption from FY2017 – FY2020