F&N Ice Mountain Natural Mineral Water

Sourced from Underground Water Packed with Mineral Goodness
Ice Mountain Natural Mineral Water created by nature. The water sourced from underground is rich with minerals and hygienically filtered to provide you with healthy refreshment.

F&N Ice Mountain Drinking Water

Clean Water with Crisp Taste from the Advanced 6-Step Purification Process
Using 6 steps of purification process, Ice Mountain Drinking Water brings you the ultimate clean water free from chemicals and microorganisms down to the very last drop.

Ice Mountain Sparkling Water

Bubbly Taste. Zero Sugar. Zero Calories.
With No Sugar and Zero Calories, Ice Mountain Sparkling Water is your healthier option for a bubbly refreshment.
It comes in 3 variants : Classic, Lemon and Grapefruit.

NEW! F&N Ice Mountain Drinking Water.

Now available in sustainable and recyclable paper carton.

F&N Ice Mountain