F&N Ice Mountain Drinking Water

Water now comes in recyclable paper cartons along with a bio-based cap made of sugar cane.

F&N Ice Mountain Sparkling Water

Who says water can’t be exciting? Bubbly Taste with Zero Sugar and Calories, Ice Mountain Sparking Water is the zest and healthy alternative which brings excitement to your day, available in three invigorating flavours, Classic, Lemon and Grapefruit!

F&N Ice Mountain Natural Mineral Water

Created by nature. Packed with Mineral Goodness. Sourced from our Deepest Valleys and Enriched with Mineral Goodness, Ice Mountain Natural Mineral Water is our gift from Mother Nature. Our underground water comes to us rich with minerals and cleanly filtered to keep you fresh and at your very best.

F&N Ice Mountain Drinking Water

Rejuvenate your senses and taste freshness thanks to our Advanced 6-Step Purification Process. Ice Mountain Drinking Water is our ultimate clean drinking water that gives you the extra step that’s free from chemicals and microorganisms to the last drop. Simply just H2O.

F&N Ice Mountain