Ketupat NONA (Rice Cake)

NONA rice cake is a ready-to-cook food product conveniently packed to share with every household the joy of savouring traditionally prepared rice cakes without slaving for 4-5 hours in the kitchen. It is convenient, delicious, and prepared in hygienic environment meeting the standards required by MeSTI and is Halal JAKIM certified. It is tasty even when savoured on its own or paired with Malaysia’s favourite traditional dishes such as Chicken/ Beef Rendang and/or Curry. For those with a sweet tooth, dipping with Grated Coconut & Brown Sugar, Kaya or Condense Milk will be another way to enjoy this dish.

Kicap NONA (Soy Sauce)

NONA soy sauce which comes in NONA Kicap Lemak Manis (Premium), Kicap Manis and Kicap Masin is your ultimate family choice to compliment your dishes. NONA soy sauce uses traditional fermentation process and is extracted from the “First Draw” where the quality of color and aroma is at its best, with a richer taste than regular second or third extractions. Suitable and versatile as dipping sauce alone or sauces-mix, in a stir-fry, dressing and marinate. NONA soy sauce is a perfect complement to many recipes where it can be used as a substitute for salt or sugar in cooking.

Perasa Masakan NONA (Cooking condiments)

NONA cooking and oyster sauce is the secret behind a quick yet flavourful meal. Our specially formulated oyster sauce can also be used as a substitute for sugar & salt, while giving our dishes an Umami flavour. The perfect ready-to-use NONA cooking sauces are made from a blend of ingredients typically used in Char Koay Teow Sauce, Mee Goreng Mamak and Fried Rice. With NONA Tom Yam paste, you can get a smooth blend of lemongrass, chilies, kaffir lime leaves and other spices that is perfect for cooking and marinating in just one bottle! Our aromatic sup uncang also packs a punch by adding flavourful aroma delivered by the use of original spices.

Pencuci Mulut NONA (Desserts)

If you have a sweet tooth, then NONA is heaven for you! We have a wide variety of desserts such as jelly, pudding, Ang Kwe (Cake Flour), custard, fruit jam, kaya (coconut jam), beverages and so much more. For durian lovers, we hear your calling. Our durian pudding is made using the extract from Crème de la crème– Musang King. We also have the perfect ingredient to make snacks which is our fritter flour that comes in 6 flavours, anchovies, lemak manis (savoury sweet), shrimp, banana, durian and spicy.