2021 At a Glance
Sustainability Highlights

5th consecutive stand-alone sustainability report.

F&NHB achieved 86th percentile in our very first S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment. Ranked top 10 companies out of 46 assessed in the beverages industry.

(Score date: Nov 12, 2021)

F&NHB was selected to be a constituent of the newly launched FTSE4 Good Bursa Malaysia Shariah Index.

F&NHB is a constituent of the FTSE4Good Bursa Malaysia Index (F4GBM) for the
3rd year running, with improved rating to 4.1 from 4.0 in 2020.

F&N Group is the highest scoring Asian company in WWF’s Palm Oil Buyers Scorecard 2021.

Refreshed our materiality matrix and established sustainability targets for 2025.

Obtained External Assurance on environment and social data.

Responsible Product Stewardship

100% of plants and production processes are certified with Halal Standards.

13 new products introduced.

THB26.3 million annual cost avoidance through employee-driven innovation projects in 2021.

Responsible Supply Chain

66% of our active key suppliers have accepted F&N Group’s Supplier Code of Practice.

Begin to use physical certified palm oil in 2021.

13% of product innovation for commercialised F&N products.

Successfully developed 2 SMEs to be our suppliers, through the partnership with the Halal Development Corporation Berhad on the Halal Sourcing Partnership Programme.

53% of products are in compliance with national nutritional guidelines.

>90% of the Ready-To-Drink (RTD) beverages sold are considered as healthier options with less sugar.

61% reduction of sugar per ml of our total beverages (2004-2021).

69 products certified with Healthier Choice Symbol/Logo.

Community investment for the year >RM2,500,000.

>2,000,000 products distributed to various beneficiaries nationwide under COVID-relief initiatives.

>1,000,000 bottles of 100PLUS distributed at major vaccination centres to promote hydration.

100% of our operations underwent human rights risk assessments.

Empower Our People

2,347 number of employees.

96% fully vaccinated as of October 2021.

3 days vaccination paid leave for all employees.

31% female representation in total workforce.

44% female representation in managerial positions.

29 training hours per employee in the executive category.

11 training hours per employee in the non-executive category.

0 Lost Time Injury Case for employees.

Better Planet

10MWp rooftop solar system in Malaysia.
Estimated carbon avoidance of 9,000 tonnes CO2e per year, equivalent to approximately 2,000 cars driven annually.

22% recycled content in beverage and dairy packaging.

97% of packaging is recyclable.

Over 91% solid waste reused, recycled or recovered.

100% industrial dairy sludge 1,247 MT converted to organic fertiliser and distributed to local farmers.