2025 Commitments

Sustainability is an ongoing commitment, requiring constant re-evaluation to ensure we remain relevant to current issues. In early 2020, we conducted a thorough review of our sustainability agenda by performing a new materiality assessment. This led to a refreshed set of targets for the year 2025 – 12 that are based on the F&N Group’s targets; and another four supplementary targets for F&NHB.

Most of the environmental targets build on our 2020 goals; however, some are entirely new. Notably, we expect all our key suppliers to comply with our Code of Business Practice by 2025. We are also ensuring that 25% of all our soft drinks and dairies packaging will contain recycled material. The supplementary targets place greater emphasis on areas that we have been prioritising, namely responsible behaviour by our suppliers; use of recyclable material in packaging; creating ESG awareness among employees; as well as promoting their well-being.

Supply Chain Stewardship
  • 100% of active key suppliers accept and comply with F&N’s Code of Business Practice by 2025
  • 100% of critical suppliers assessed to ensure compliance with Code of Business Practice
  • To purchase 100% RSPO’s physical certified palm oil for our palm oil usage by 2025
  • 10% product innovation for commercialised F&N products by 2025
Product Quality and Safety
  • 100% of plants and production processes certified with Food Safety System Certification scheme 22000 and Halal Standard (or equivalent) by 2025
Water Stewardship
  • Reduce the Group’s water intensity ratio at our plants by 8% from 2020 by 2025
Waste Management
  • Reduce solid waste sent to landfill by 30% from 2020 by 2025
Energy & Climate Change
  • Reduce the Group’s energy intensity ratio at our plants by 8% from 2020 by 2025
  • Reduce the Group’s GHG emissions intensity ratio at our plants by 8% from 2020 by 2025
  • 25% of Beverages and Dairies packaging contain recycled materials from 2020 by 2025
  • 100% of our packaging is recyclable by 2025
Human Capital Development
  • Provide an average of at least 18 hours of training to Executives and 11 hours of training to Non-Executives by 2025
  • 100% of employees are trained on ESG and digitalisation by 2025
Employee Safety, Health and Well-being
  • Reduce the Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate to 0 by 2025
  • 100% of employees participate in annual safety, health and well-being programmes
  • 67% of beverage (excluding Cordial) and dairy (excluding Canned Milk) products (based on formulation) are in compliance with Nutritional Guidelines by 2025
Community Development and Inclusive Growth
  • 10% increase in the number of annual community programmes F&N provides from 2020 by 2025