Our Value Chain

We seek to create sustainability throughout our supply chain, from sourcing our raw materials right through the production, distribution, marketing & sales processes. We are guided in our purchasing decisions by the use of responsibly produced raw materials such as palm oil, sugar, and paper. In production, we place the highest emphasis on eco-efficiency, maximising output while minimising our environmental footprint. In distribution, we optimise the use of transport vehicles to reduce fuel consumption. We also ensure the highest level of responsibility in our sales & marketing by providing clear and transparent product information.

We have been introducing more elements of a circular economy in our supply chain through the adoption of renewable energy, recyclable packaging, and conversion of waste (eg sludge) into valuable by-products (eg fertilisers).


We work closely with our suppliers to ensure their goods and services meet quality, environmental and social standards, in addition to our stringent internal standards. This helps to ensure that our products are safe and of high quality. To ensure the sustainability of our business, we have risk management mechanisms in place to manage issues associated with the commodities upon which we rely.


We have implemented a standardised safe production process, in accordance with international standards, throughout all of our operations. We strive for eco- efficient processes, in which we provide good value and maximum benefit without polluting the environment and surrounding communities. We strive to optimise resource use and consider the environmental and social impacts of water consumption, waste, effluents and emissions at all production stages.


We have a fully integrated and extensive distribution system and network to ensure that our products are efficiently distributed to our consumers. Our focus is to minimise the environmental and social impacts from transportation by managing our energy use, while safeguarding the safety of our personnel and local communities. We are also continuously innovating our processes and implementing digital technologies to improve efficiency.

Marketing and Sales

Responsible marketing and sales practices are of great importance to F&NHB. We demonstrate consumer and societal responsibility by providing healthier product options and informative product labels. We also seek feedback from our customers on our products to improve our marketing practices and, most importantly, to create sustainable value for consumers and for our business.

Post-consumption Packaging Management

We minimise the impact of post-consumer waste through research and development to deliver innovative and environmental- friendly packaging. We are continuously seeking out sustainable packaging that can also meet the needs of our consumers. In addition to applying Circular Economy principles throughout F&NHB, we promote environmental awareness to the communities where we operate.