Health & Nutrition

Part of our brand promise, namely Pure Goodness, is about ensuring our products are good for health. Other than to adhere to all relevant standards on product safety, we have a Nutrition Charter that outlines our commitment to developing products that are healthy for consumers.

Nutrition Charter

The F&N Nutrition Charter outlines our commitment to developing products that are healthy for consumers and it guides us throughout product development. The principles of the Nutrition Charter are:

Our 2025 Commitment
  • 67% of beverage (excluding Cordial) and dairy (excluding Canned Milk) products (based on formulation) are in compliance with Nutritional Guidelines by 2025

Since 2004, we have been reducing the sugar content of our beverages while further enhancing the nutritional value of our products through the addition of health-enhancing ingredients such as vitamins, mineral and phytochemicals. This has contributed to a 59% reduction in our sugar index in FY2020 from the baseline year. Meanwhile, the number of products that bear the Healthier Choice symbol and logo continues to increase.

In FY2021, we further affirmed our commitment to promoting healthy lives and lifestyles with the introduction of new Nutrition Guidelines based on the World Health Organization (WHO)’s recommendations that:

  • all products should be free from trans fatty acids
  • >70% of our products should contain less than 5% added sugar

Click here to read the F&N Nutrition Guidelines.

While our R&D team works towards developing a healthier product portfolio, our Scientific and Regulatory Affairs department under Group R&D ensures our formulations, ingredients used and nutrition labels comply with relevant industry regulations.