Our People

Our people differentiate F&NHB from peers and are central to determining how well we perform. We strive to create a stimulating work environment, where talent is nurtured and rewarded, and employees are engaged, challenged and empowered to perform to their highest potential. We constantly look to hire and retain talent who will enable us to maintain our competitive edge. F&NHB contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 8 target to achieve full and productive employment and decent work for all.

Our 2025 Commitments
Human Capital Development
  • Provide an average of at least 18 hours of training to Executives and 11 hours of training to Non-Executives
  • 100% of employees are trained on ESG and digitalisation by 2025

We seek to create a diverse and engaged workforce who feel a deep connection to F&NHB and are motivated to excel in everything they do.

Firm in the belief that diversity enriches an organisation, we have actively sought to bring on board a good mix of people from different cultural backgrounds and are pleased to see that the racial composition of our teams closely reflects that of Malaysia and Thailand. We are also satisfied with our gender balance. Although 70% of our total workforce are men, this is because of the large number of employees who work in our plants. Within the ranks of management, women make up 45% of the total, far exceeding the Malaysian government’s target of 30% female representation in decision-making positions.


*Data as of September 2022

Diversity Charts - Ethnicity
Age Group
Age Group

Share of Women in Total Workforce


Share of Women in All Management Positions


Share of Women in Junior Management Positions


Share of Women in Top Management Positions


Share of Women in Management Positions in Revenue Generating Functions


Share of Women in STEM-related positions

*Data as of September 2022

F&NHB’s strategic plan to be a preferred employer is guided by our seven ‘Modules for Strategic Human Capital Transformation’:

7 Modules For Strategic Human Capital Transformation

To encourage excellence, we provide limitless opportunities supporting the individual development of each employee based on the 70:20:10 plan of on-the-job training, mentoring/coaching and formal training. To further incentivise performance, we strive to promote from within and only recruit external talent when necessary.

Various development programmes are conducted to build the capacity of employees. Two key manufacturing development programmes are highlighted as below:

Manufacturing development programme through annual innovation convention
To promote continuous improvement in productivity, quality, cost, delivery, safety, ethics and environment, we organised annual innovation conventions – Excel as One Convention in Thailand and Winning as One Convention in Malaysia since 2007, which aims to develop manufacturing teams.
Soft Skill Training Programme – Problem Solving and Task Achieving

This is an employee development programme to develop manufacturing employees in Thailand in solving problems effectively and achieving tasks more efficiently.

The key objectives of this programme are create awareness among employees to participate in solving problems and improving their work, solve problems and improve work systematically and able to use tools to assist in carrying out activities effectively.

This development programme is targeting at manufacturing employees, which aims to cultivate the culture of continuous improvement in productivity, quality, cost, delivery, safety, ethics and environment. Through the conventions, they are encouraged to propose and implement innovative and cost-saving initiatives, with the guidance of mentors (respective superior). Participants work in groups and are empowered to implement their ideas. The innovative ideas initiated through the convention have already successfully achieved an average saving/avoidance of about RM4 million per annum. This development programme is targeting at manufacturing employees, which provides on-the-job training to solve problems effectively and achieve tasks efficiently. Upon the completion of the programme, the employees have been tasked to propose and implement projects that improve the manufacturing work processes, utilising the skills learned during the development programme. One of the innovative ideas implemented was developing a digital platform to support the milk collecting centres and farmers to improve milk quality and to encourage traceability from farm to factory. After implementation, the receiving time of the raw milk was reduced significantly by 70%. The second solution is to develop a new method of milk transportation to simplify running routes, reduce environmental impact and monitor raw milk data by real time. This new milk transportation method can reduce more than 200,000 kg CO2 emission per year.

Other than through coaching/mentoring, senior management engage with all other employees through town hall meetings and briefings, CEO roadshows, Fraserians Connect mobile app, intranet updates, and monthly employee email newsletters. Meanwhile, employees are encouraged to share feedback, ideas and suggestions with senior management via F&N Voice, a WhatsApp platform.

F&NHB does not restrict freedom of association and the management engages actively with our seven formal employee-unions for balanced collective agreements. In FY2022, 44.1% of our employees were covered by collective bargaining agreements

New Hires and Turnover
Unit FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Total Employee New Hires No. 294 204 236 329
Total New Employee Hires Rate % 11 8 10 14
Total Employee Turnover  No. 241 183 201 380
Total Employee Turnover Rate % 10 7 9 16
Volunteer Employee Turnover No. 143 155 182 265
Volunteer Employee Turnover Rate % 6 6 8 11


Employees collaborate with their supervisors to set SMART goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to the year. A Performance Assessment Review takes place twice a year for our employees to appraise their outcomes and identify development opportunities together with their supervisors, through various methods – management by objectives, multidimensional performance appraisal and formal comparative ranking of employees within the employee category.

Management by Objectives 37
Multidimensional Performance Appraisal 17
Formal Comparative Ranking of Employees within One Employee Category 37
Agile Conversations 17


Our employees’ safety, health, and well-being are given top priority.