Local Community

F&N believes, through promoting a more equal society through diversity, equal opportunities and social inclusion, business and society will flourish together. As such, we support and connect with local communities, strengthen relationships between different cultures and maintain a positive corporate image through establishing strong relationships with the local community.

Our 2025 Commitment
Community Development and Inclusive Growth
  • 10% increase in the number of annual community programmes F&N provides from 2020 by 2025

In each market that we operate, we undertake a number of long and short-term programmes that serve to create greater social equity. To that end, we have developed four main thematic areas where we focus our community endeavours.

Strengthening Vulnerable Groups

Inequality of wealth and opportunity is a major global challenge. Our consumers and employees come from all segments of society, and inequality undermines the development and potential of not only our communities but also our business. To take leadership in tackling this issue, we have chosen to focus on supporting vulnerable groups such as underprivileged children. Through investing in educational programmes, including both technical skills and soft skills, F&N works towards promoting a more equal society in regard to diversity, equal opportunities and social inclusion so that business and society flourish together.

Promoting Environmental Consciousness

While companies have a critical role to play in minimising our environmental footprint, sustainable development means a partnership, and this includes behavioural changes at an individual level. Besides maintaining eco-efficiency in our operations, we have taken on the task of promoting environmental consciousness in our communities and see it as another priority. As F&N continues to move towards a circular economy model in business, we are sharing knowledge and learning from communities about how to implement our ideas.

Spreading Festive Cheer

In addition to basic needs and environmental sustainability, our community development programme regards our brand promise, which is delivering “Pure Enjoyment. Pure Goodness” to all, as another key priority. We believe that spreading festive cheer helps our communities connect with each other and strengthens relationships between different cultures. Here, we aim to promote diversity and foster national unity in our communities.

Promoting Active Lifestyles

As a F&B business, F&N’s products contribute to the health and well-being of our communities. Therefore, we consider it our obligation to facilitate responsible consumption and balanced lifestyles. This is mostly accomplished through the consumption of F&N products to maintain a healthy lifestyle in line with consumer needs. We also prioritise community investments that support sports and active lifestyles to better care for our consumers while also creating value for communities.


Some of the key programmes supported by F&NHB are:

F&N ICDL (International Computer Driving License) Programme

Since 2010, F&NHB has invested a total of RM200,000 in two F&N IT Corners at Montfort Boys Town in Shah Alam & one in Montfort Youth Center Melaka, to equip the centers with the necessary computer equipment, printers, projectors, internet access, as well as funding to conduct the ICDL programme. To date, 585 children have excelled and graduated with the ICDL certification. Montfort Boys Town records a total of 414 graduates, while Montfort Youth Centre in Melaka records a total of 171 graduates. ICDL is the world’s leading computer skills certification, with the course enjoying the participation of more than 16 million people in over 100 countries through 24,000 ICDL Accredited Test Centers (ATCs) worldwide.

F&N School Recycling Programme

Since 2007, F&NHB has been partnering with schools across Malaysia to educate the next generation on the importance of environmental conservation. NHB organises recycling competition between schools, with prizes ranging from RM200 to RM1,400.

F&NHB continued to enhance its commitment to environmental conservation by collaborating with more partners to organise seven successful school recycling competitions across Malaysia this year. Through a partnership with Solid Waste Corporation Management (SWCorp), participation rate in 2019 doubled up to include 756 schools, with an increase of up to four-fold of recyclables collected, 2.35 million kilogrammes. More than 4.76 million kilogrammes of recyclables have been collected since 2007.

F&N Save Our Seas Programme

From 2011 to 2013, F&NHB collaborated with Reef Check Malaysia, Marine Park Terengganu and DM Scuba to rehabilitate coral reefs and encourage responsible behaviour on the beach among communities and tourists at Redang Island. Through this programme, our team and partners conducted reef rehabilitation initiatives through collecting coral fragments and planting them in nursery sites, then transplanting them at permanent sites at Paku Kecil and Terumbu Kiri. Every year since then, our internal dive team and partners perform regular checks and maintenance on the man-made reefs. Our coral reef rehabilitation initiative has now shown promising rejuvenation with corals of different colonies on the man-made reefs.

Water Champagne Tanks for Thai Dairy Farmers

Beginning July 2019, we, together with Soonthorn Metal Can (our can supplier) and Thepsathit Milk Cooperative (one of our milk suppliers in Thailand), came together to tackle the water shortage problem during the annual dry seasons by providing a champagne tank and piping route to the Thepsathit community in Chaiyaphum Province. About 50 employees volunteered to install the water storage tank which will be able to supply supply 1,680,000 liters of water every month for up to 180 households across communities in Chaiyaphum province. This also provides sufficient water supply for up to 24 farms, consisting of 955 cattle, to minimise disruption from drought and ensure farmers can continue their farming operations sustainably.